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Here at The Chiropractic Health Center we go above and beyond in order to provide the best treatment options for our patients. Dr. Boelte is certified in Activator, Logan basic, and diversified adjsting techniques which allows him to treat patients with a variety of options. Some of the care we offer here include ultrasound therapy, electric stimulation, custom orthotic production, exercise therapy, and nutritional counseling. 

Dr. Boelte uses a traditional hands on approach to adjusting his patients. However, knowing that not all people care for this style of chiropractic adjustment, Dr. Boelte has also been certified in a lighter force technique call Activator. This technique utilizes a hand held instrument which delivers a light, quick adjustment to the affected area.





Ultrasound Therapy utilizes sound-waves to penetrate deeper structures and tissues in order to remove inflamation. It can also be used to stimulate bloodflow to a region to promote healing.



This method is used for pain alleviation, as well as, muscle spasm reduction.



Some patients experience pain in their back because they have flat feet. When a persons arches have collapsed, the ankle and foot role inward which in turn creates pressure on the knees and lower back. In order to create a solution for pain, custom orthotic inserts can be molded in order to support the foot and decrease stress to the back.



This technique is used to strengthen a region both during and after an injury.

- exercise bands

- stability balls

- balance training

- strengthening exercises



Nutritional Counseling may be used to help find where a patient may be deficient in some of their dietary needs. If the body is lacking certain things such as proteins, minerals, or vitamins it may be more susceptible to injury, as well as have a delayed healing time.

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